Compound Sentences

To form a Compound Sentence by combining two or more than two Simple Sentences.
दो या दो से अधिक Simple Sentences को मिलाकर एक Compound Sentence बनाना ।

Rule 1. Coordinatng conjunctions का प्रयोग करके Compound Sentence बनाना (Using Coordinatng conjunctions) :
There are four types of Coordinatng conjunctions.
Coordinatng conjunctions चार प्रकार के होते है ।

a) Cumulative (जोड़ बताने वाले) Conjunctions – and, as well as, both-and, not only-but also
Separate – She took my pencil yesterday. She returned it today.
Combined – She took my pencil yesterday and returned it today.

b) Alternative (विकल्प बताने वाले) Conjunctions – either-or, neither-nor, or, otherwise
Separate – Come in time. Do not come at all.
Combined – Either come in time or do not come at all.

c) Adversative (विरोध बताने वाले) Conjunctions – but, however, yet, still, nevertheless, whereas, while
Separate – He is rich. He is miser.
Combined – He is rich but he is miser.

d) Illative (परिणाम बताने वाले) Conjunctions – for, therefore, so, hence
Separate – We have to catch the train. We must make haste.
Combined – We have to catch the train, so we must make haste.

Rule 2. Relative Pronouns(whose, who, that, which, whom) या Relative Adverbs(why, when, where, how) का प्रयोग करके :
Examples :
a) Separate – I met Rupali, She gave me a novel.
Combined – I met Rupali, who gave me a novel.
b) Separate – He shot the tiger. It ran away.
Combined – He shot the tiger, which ran away.

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