Vocab 19 December

TURMOIL (NOUN): (शोरगुल):uncertainty

Synonyms: turbulence, ferment

Antonyms: contentment, tranquility

Example Sentence:

There was widespread turmoil in the city.


2. RIFT (NOUN): (दोष):a flaw, fault

Synonyms: breach, fissure

Antonyms: closure, agreement

Example Sentence:

It is a great misfortune that an internal rift has moved inexorably towards a full-blown crisis.

3. INEXORABLY (ADVERB): (क्रूरता या कठोरता से):in a way that is impossible to stop or prevent

Synonyms: ferociously, atrociously

Antonyms: gently, humanely

Example Sentence:

The public is enraged by the inexorable rise in petroleum prices.

4. DISSENSION (NOUN):(मतभेद): disagreement that leads to discord

Synonyms: controversy, friction

Antonyms: harmony, conformity

Example Sentence:

The SC has exposed an unprecedented level of dissension.

5. FERMENT (VERB): (उत्तेजित करना):agitation and excitement among a group of people

Synonyms: frenzy, storm

Antonyms: calm, peace

Example Sentence:

The highest court was in a state of ferment.

6. OMINOUS (ADJECTIVE):(अमंगल): giving the worrying impression

Synonyms: apocalyptic, baleful

Antonyms: bright, hopeful

Example Sentence:

A suggestion that is being read by some as an ominous reference to an unknown external hand.

7. DELINEATE (VERB):(रूपरेखा प्रस्तुत करना): describe precisely

Synonyms: define, limn

Antonyms: confuse, distort

Example Sentence:

The judge delineated the composition of the bench to hear the case.

8. POSTERITY (NOUN): (भावी पीढ़ी):all future generation of people

Synonyms: progeny, lineage

Antonyms: parent, past

Example Sentence:

This incident is regarded by posterity as an aberration rather than a precedent.

9. INTROSPECTION (NOUN):(अंतर्दर्शन):the examination of one’s own mental processes.

Synonyms: contemplation, reflection

Antonyms: ignorance, disregard

Example Sentence:

It is a moment for collective introspection.

10. CONVENE (VERB):(बुलाना): bring together for a meeting

Synonyms: assemble, congregate

Antonyms: disperse, separate

Example Sentence:

The Chief Justice must convene a meeting of the full court.

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