Vocab 20 December

COMEMMORATE (VERB): (पुण्यस्मरण करनाpay tribute to

Synonyms: salute, honour

Antonyms: disregard, dishonour

Example Sentence: 

The victory is commemorated in songs.

2. TERRIFIC (ADJECTIVE):(भयानक)horrible

Synonyms: terrible, awful

Antonyms: wonderful, pleasant

Example Sentence: 

An enormous amount of dust blown by the terrific volcanic eruption.

3. DOOMED (ADJECTIVE):(अभिशप्त) ill-fated

Synonyms: cursed, damned

Antonyms: lucky, blessed

Example Sentence: 

Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.

4. EXORBITANT (ADJECTIVE):(अत्यधिक)excessive

Synonyms: immoderate, wasteful

Antonyms: moderate, sensible

Example Sentence:

The guard is being paid an exorbitant salary to sit only.

5. PIVOTAL (ADJECTIVE):(आधारभूत)important

Synonyms: vital, crucial

Antonyms: unimportant, uncritical

Example Sentence:

Nice customer service is pivotal to a successful business.

6. SUPERVENE (VERB):(पीछे आना)follow

Synonyms: chase, pursue

Antonyms: precede, retreat

Example Sentence:

Firstly he did the honours then everybody supervened.

7. REPROACH (NOUN):(तिरस्कार)disgrace

Synonyms: blame, censure

Antonyms: compliment, praise

Example Sentence:

He gave her a look of reproach.

8. LAURELS (NOUN):(ख्याति)acclaim

Synonyms: accolade, praise

Antonyms: blame, disapproval

Example Sentence: 

A soldier won his laurels in the battle field.

9. ABRADE (VERB):(कुरेदना)scrape

Synonyms: chafe, grate

Antonyms: make happy, please

Example Sentence:

The wool blanket abraded my legs and gave me a rash.

10. DEIFY(VERB): (देवता-सदृश पूजा करना) idealize

Synonyms: glorify, idolize

Antonyms: criticize, degrade

Example Sentence: 

It is a mistake to deify celebrities let your parents be your living God.

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