Vocab 22 December


Synonyms: overprotect, cater to

Antonyms: ignore, neglect 

Example Sentence:

I found school very difficult, and realized I’d been mollycoddled at home.

2. GROUSE (NOUN): complaint

Synonyms: gripe, grouch

Antonyms: praise, compliment

Example Sentence: 

I have no grouse against my wife.

3. OPPRESS (VERB): subdue

Synonyms: torment, trample

Antonyms: encourage, aid

Example Sentence:

The tyrant general oppressed his people.

4. CANNY (ADJECTIVE): clever

Synonyms:dexterous, adroit

Antonyms: foolish, idiotic

Example Sentence:

Chintan is a canny person.


Synonyms: timid, hesitant

Antonyms:confident, brave

Example Sentence: 

Varun was a diffident child in such a large family.


Synonyms: arcane, esoteric

Antonym:definite, obvious

Example Sentence: 

When Sachin spoke, his words were cryptic to all those in the room.


Synonyms: nervy, edgy

Antonyms: unworried, composed 

Example Sentence:

Your uptight behavior can get you rejected in an interview.

8. DRIP (VERB):drop

Synonyms: dribble, drizzle

Antonyms:collect, pour 

Example Sentence:

Everyone must ensure that water doesn’t drips away uselessly.

9. PERVADE (VERB): spread through

Synonyms: infuse, permeate

Antonyms: block, hinder 

Example Sentence:

The poison must be blocked before it pervades Ridhima’s vital organs.

10. KUDOS (NOUN):praise

Synonyms: applause, eminence

Antonyms:condemnation, denunciation 

Example Sentence:

Meenakshi was looking for kudos rather than profit.

11. DISGORGE (VERB):vomit

Synonyms: discharge, regurgitate 

Antonyms: suck, consume

Example Sentence:

Nidhi was disgorging whatever she was eating.

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