Vocab 25 November

EXEGESIS (NOUN): detailed explanation:(टिप्पणी)

Synonyms: interpretation, analysis

Antonyms: succinct, concise

Example Sentence:

Jovan’s exegesis of his latest book, made me realize that I completely misinterpreted the theme.

2. NUGATORY (ADJECTIVE): worthless:(नगण्य)

Synonyms: insignificant, piddling

Antonyms: competent, adequate

Example Sentence:

Buying the movie tickets was nugatory since we couldn’t reach the movie theatre on time.

3. LOOM (VERB): appear, often imposingly:(सम्भावना होना)

Synonyms: dominate, hover

Antonym: abandon, decline

Example Sentence:

The concerns of warmer air and humid surroundings loom large in our small coastal town.

4. POISED (ADJECTIVE): having self-confidence and self-assurance:(संतुलित)

Synonyms: confident, self-believing

Antonyms: fearful, timid

Example Sentence:

Despite the chaos, the soldier remained poised and calm as he directed the people through the emergency exits.

5. RECKON (VERB): to anticipate a specific thing will occur:(गिनना)

Synonyms: surmise, suppose

Antonyms: disbelieve, doubt

Example Sentence:

Weather analysts reckon the monsoon is moving south because southern cities are enjoying rains.

6. MANUMISSION (NOUN): release from slavery:(दासत्वमुक्ति)

Synonyms: freedom, emancipation

Antonym: slavery, restraint

Example Sentence:

Manumission allowed former slaves to become landowners.

7. FRENZY (NOUN): out of control behavior:(पागलपन)

Synonyms: hysteria, outburst

Antonyms: calm, composed

Example Sentence:

James is such a spoilt kid that he would often go into a frenzy when he didn’t get his way.

8. CASTIGATE (ADJECTIVE): to criticize severely:(फटकारना)

Synonyms: berate, revile

Antonyms: appreciate, flatter

Example Sentence:

One cannot castigate students and blame them for their failure if they are not provided with the resources they need.

9. INDELIBLE (ADJECTIVE): difficult to remove or wash erased:(अमिट)

Synonyms: indestructible, memorable

Antonyms: erasable, temporary

Example sentence:

Mr. Herald will always have an indelible place in all our hearts, as he showed up for help when no one did.

10. ELUCIDATE (VERB): to make easy to understand:(स्पष्ट करना)

Synonyms: explicate, expound

Antonyms: obscure, complicate

Example Sentence:

Even if you cannot read the Spanish, the caricatures under the words will elucidate the message.

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